Dr. William B Frakes

E-Mail: wfrakes@vt.edu
URL: http://frakes.cs.vt.edu

Professor William B Frakes
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Northern Virginia Center
7054 Hayrack Road, Room 302
Falls Church, VA 22043

Telephone: 703-538-8497
Fax: 703-538-8348


Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Software Reuse, Domain Engineering, Empirical Methods, and Information Retrieval


CS 5704 Software Engineering
CS 6704 Domain Engineering
CS 5014 Research Methods

Selected Publications

William B. Frakes, G. B., Julian Urbano, Reghu Anguswamy (2010). Computer Support For a Cross-discipline Research Methods Consortium, 2nd International Conference on Computer Supported Education - CSEDU 2010. Valencia, Spain.

Santos, R. F. D. and W. B. Frakes (2009). DAREonline: A Web-Based Domain Engineering Tool. 11th International Conference on Software Reuse. Falls Church, VA Springer, 246-257.

O. Yilmaz, I.R. Chen, G. Kulczycki and W.B. Frakes, "Performance Analysis of Spillover-Partitioning Call Admission Control in Mobile Wireless Networks", Wireless Personal Communications, accepted to appear, 2009.

Frakes, W. B., Kulczycki, G, and N. Moodliar (2008). An Empirical Comparison of Methods for Reengineering Procedural Software Systems to Object-Oriented Systems. 10 International Conference on Software Reuse. H. Mei. Beijing, Springer. LNCS 5030: 376-389.

Edelman, A., Frakes, W.B., and Lillie, C. (2008). SAM: Simple API for Object-Oriented Code Metrics. 10 International Conference on Software Reuse. H. Mei. Beijing, Springer. LNCS 5030: 347-359.

Frakes, B., "Reuse and Safety", Position Paper, International Workshop on Reuse and Safety, June 2006, Torino, Italy.

Frakes, W. G. Kulczycki, C. Saxena , "Case Study of a Method for Reengineering Procedural Systems into OO Systems", in Maurizio Morisio (Ed.): Proc. 9th Int'l Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR'06), Torino, 12-15 June 2006, Springer Verlag LNCS 403.

Tortorella, M., & Frakes, W. B. (2006). "A Computer Implementation of the Separate Maintenance Model for Complex System Reliability". Quality and Reliability Engineering International 22, pp. 757-770.

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Frakes, W., "A Case Study of a Reusable Component Collection in the Information Retrieval Domain", Journal of Systems and Software 2004, (Volume 72, Number 2) pp. 265-270.

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Frakes, William B. and Christopher J. Fox. "Quality Improvement Using A Software Reuse Failure Modes Model" IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 22(4), pp. 274-279, April, 1996.

Frakes, William and Carol Terry. "Software Reuse: Metrics and Models." ACM Computing Surveys 28(2), pp. 415-435, 1996.

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